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Easy file sharing

LocalBox is a solution that allows the secure exchange of files.

The server can run in its own environment and be managed either in-house or by a trusted party.

File access control allows for sharing documents in a secure way.

User-friendliness and premium security are key.

Premium security

Security was the driving force behind the development of LocalBox. Multiple layers of security were implemented.
Documents are first encrypted in the App and only then sent to the server.
Even if the server is protected inadequately, an attacker will not be able to read the documents. Also, the software itself has various security features.
An administrator can physically access the files but cannot read them, due to the encryption. Only the creator of a document and the individuals with whom a document is shared, can access and decipher it.

Take charge

You can share documents securely by specifying who can access them.
And the server can run in its own environment, and be managed in-house or by a trusted party.

Securing your Business has never been so easy


LocalBox is so user friendly that anyone can work with it quickly.
It can be used as sync software on MSWindows, Linux and as an App on iOS and Android tablets.


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The software is so-called "open source software" and can be used by anyone. An important advantage of OSS is that the code can be checked and that it contains no backdoors. LocalBox comes recommended to both businesses and private individuals!Released under the EUPL.Picture 1.png

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