What is LocalBox?

LocalBox is a solution to exchange files in a secure manner. The server may be in aown environment (in-house) or run by a trusted party.
By themselves have control is more control who has access to data transmitted. It is private (cloud) environment focused on the secure sharing of documents. Central is next to user-friendliness
high security

Why LocalBox?

LocalBox started from the realization that existing solutions are not safe or insufficient provide guarantees for safety (see also item 11).

Why is it safe?

Localbox has multiple layers of security. Thus we protect the documents in the app by encrypting them there. Then they are sent to the server. Even if the server appears insufficiently protected, an attacker will not just be able to read the documents. The software itself is equipped with various safety measures.

I am a business or private.Can I use Localbox?

The software is called "open source software" and can be used by all. We
encourage the use of LocalBox by everyone certainly to